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Are You Getting Best Value? … or are your being sold something not fit for purpose?

Welcome to ProReviewHQ.com – The Premier Platform for unbiased reviews of the hardware we all depend on for our daily bread or relaxation. My name is Brett Sheridon, and I am the founder of this platform.

As a lifelong entrepreneur and owner of multiple high street computer stores over the years, I have always tried to make sure that every client leaving one of my stores has bought something fit for purpose. All too often I have visited competitors where their sales person has bent over backwards trying to sell me something I don’t need, or tried to sell me a GT-1030 as a “gaming” graphics card.

No More!

Here on ProReviewHQ.com you will find reviews of the hardware we like and recommend to others. If its on this site, you can be assured that we have: smelled it, licked it and kicked it in the ass, so as to make sure that it is fit for YOUR purpose.

Whether your passion is gaming, business or design, we have your back.


If it sucks, we will tell you why you shouldn’t spend your hard earned cash on it.